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Mavic Air; See and Avoid

Assignment 7.4 For the past 10 years, DJI has been leading the market in consumer drone sales (Glasser, 2017). Their technology is evolving with every product release and their newest model, the Mavic Air, proves to be one of their smartest drones yet. Many new DJI owners quickly find out how difficult it is to fly a drone, and accidentally crash into an object. DJI has begun integrating sense and avoid technology into their aircraft to help keep many of these crashes from happening.   The Mavic Air boasts 7 cameras and 2 infrared sensors positioned around the aircraft to give it a better situational awareness of its surroundings. The primary camera captures 12mp stills and 4k resolution video, which is the primary reason somebody would purchase the Mavic Air, however, this high-resolution camera is also tied into the aircraft's navigational system (Horaczek, 2018). The other  6 cameras are positioned in pairs around the aircraft with some separation between them to provide the n…